An ideal product name will help increase sales.


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1. Describe the product

The easiest way to re brand a product is to give it a name that accurately describes what the product does.

Some companies have done this so well that their names become synonymous with the product itself.

For example, Bubble Wrap. Bubble wraps was invented by the Sealed Air Company.

And is a product trademarked by them. Jet Ski is another one.

This is actually the branded name.

If it’s not made by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, it’s actually just a personal watercraft.

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Re-Brand Product Name

2. Make it easy to spell and say

If a product is hard to spell it will be difficult to find online.

A lot of the time people don’t buy products right away.

They see something consider it, research, and then purchase.

However, if they can’t remember how to spell the name they can’t look it up online, and they won’t buy it.

Equally, if it’s hard to pronounce, they won’t be able to tell anybody about it.

So you eliminate the possibility of your product growing by word of mouth.

Re-Brand Product Name

3. Create a compound word

By combining two words relevant to your product.

You can create a creative unique compound word that is catchy and accurately represents your product.

One great example of this is the Minipresso, by Wacaco.

The Minipresso is a mini handheld espresso machine.

The name combines the words mini, and espresso.

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Re-Brand Product Name:

4. Make it Memorable

Longer names are harder to remember.

A product that everyone forgets won’t sell as well as one that instantly grabs people’s attention and sticks in their minds.

There are a few techniques to make a memorable name, like using alliteration.

Paypal is a great example of this.

The alliteration of the plosive sound ‘p’ sticks in your head.

There are many different alternatives to Paypal, however, few of them stick in your mind like that one.

It’s also a descriptive name, which helps you understand what the service is.

It makes making payments easier, friendlier.

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Re-Brand Product Name

5. Think Metaphorically

Getting a unique name that describes your product can be difficult unless your product is completely unique.

Think about how you could describe your product metaphorically.

Ford Mustang for example. A Mustang is a fast free-roaming horse of the American west.

By naming their car a Mustang, Ford are capturing the essence of that word and relating it to their product through metaphorical association.

Re-Brand Product Name

6. Acronyms

An acronym can be a great way of getting a long descriptive product name down to a short memorable name.

However, you have to be a little careful with this and ensure that by making it into an acronym you don’t make it impossible to remember.

For example, no one’s going to remember an acronym like RDPEF.

Keep its short, and preferably make it into a fun sounding non-word like ABBA.

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Re-Brand Product Name

7. Use a Verb

Using a verb to describe your product can help make it memorable.

For example the iPod touch, or the iPod Shuffle.

The verbs, to touch and to shuffle describe the USP of the products and make them easily memorable.
You can also do the reverse, by making your product name into a verb.

For example, Google, has become the verb for running an internet search.

This works best with a product name that doesn’t already have meaning.

Think Skype or Shazam.

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Re-Brand Product Name

8. Think about the Emotional Response

A good product name will create an emotional response in the consumer.

Huggies for example. They are diapers, but the name suggests they are more than that.

The name evokes a positive emotional response.

Most people like hugs, people like hugging cute things, like babies.

The name makes what is essentially quite a gross thing into a cute friendly product.

Re-Brand Product Name

9. Think about your Target Markets

Who are your target audiences?

Why are they buying your product?

Think abot what your target market would want to purchase.

If you’re making an intelligent piece of tech for a very specific demographic you should probably have a clever name that would appeal to them.

For example, Neospectra is a microspectrometry product aimed at the scientific development sectors of large businesses.

The name is scientific and relates to the USP.

This product name would be very unlikely to appeal to a B2C audience.
If you can, try getting feedback from potential customers on product name ideas.

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Re-Brand Product Name

10. Test the name

Put the name in context.

What we mean by this is what does it look like in your catalogues, on your website.

Does it fit with your branding or look strangely incongruous.

Say it out loud in a sentence. Does it feel and sound right?

Re-Brand Product Name

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