6 Must Have – Qualities of a Small Business Mentor


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Qualities of a Small Business Mentor – Setting up a successful business is very challenging. This is because 70% of startups fail in their first year. To avoid common mistakes you need a mentor. They provide advice, useful information and business tips.

1. Ways to Find a Mentor
A business mentor is an established entrepreneur with years of cognate experience. There are many ways to find one in your choice industry. You can find influencers on social media, CEOs, experts in desired field.
Try to attend seminars, trade workshops or institutions of higher learning. You can also find mentors in academia like educators, teachers and professors. The person should be willing to pass business knowledge, experience and offer advice.
There are specific qualities to look for in a mentor. They are successful, highly trained, educated with years of experience. The person should be approachable, available and willing to pass-on information.
•         Social media influencers
•         Chief Executive Officers
•         Experts in desired field
•         Seminar organizers
•         Academia
•         Educators
•         Teachers
•         Professors
2. Lend a Listening Ear
Mentors are busy people so the ability to lend a listening is very important. Mentors have excelled in their career and are sometimes self-indulgent.
Finding one with genuine interest in supporting a young aspiring entrepreneur is challenging. A good mentor should listen, collaborate, converse and offer practicable suggestions. On your part you need to apply the suggestions in practical terms.
•         Show genuine interest
•         Offer support
•         Listen
•         Collaborate
•         Converse
•         Offer practicable suggestions
3. Respect
Despite your limited business experience mutual respect is important. You need to possess the appropriate formal education, passion and understanding of the basics.
A mutually respectful relationship will foster honest discourse. Offering valuable impute will build trust and respect.
4. Experience
The mentor should have appropriate education and cognate experience. They should be achievers in their field of industry. Every business has its own challenges, lessons and practical applications.
5. Availability
Top businessmen are very busy people with little time to spend. You need to find a mentor that is willing to spend some time with you. Availability and accessibility is very important considerations in mentorship. The mentor generally schedules a meeting when available.
6. Get Inspired
The job of a mentor is to inspire you to greatness. The ability to inspire, tutor, demonstrate and offer good advice is important.

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