Start a Biotech Business in Singapore: Reasons you need to Invest


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Start a Biotech Business in Singapore – The primary reason to start a biotech company in Singapore is money. The industry is very challenging and highly lucrative. It requires huge investment, highly qualified professions and availability of quality equipment.

Market Conditions

The market conditions is very favorable for startup companies in this industry. They include high global market, need for epigenetic research and sequencing. There is fast growth in diagnostic and new treatment methods.
Market Conditions for Biotech Startup
• Favorable for startup companies
• High global market
• Requires epigenetic research and sequencing
• Fast growth in diagnostic
• Discovery of new treatment methods
Huge Number of Biotech Companies in Singapore
There are over 50 biotech companies in Singapore because the industry is highly lucrative. Top companies are Biosensor,FivePrime, Lonza, Adamas, Kadmus and Renovis. Others include Vanda, Kalypsys, Addex, Codexis and U3pharma.
Some Biotech Companies in Singapore
• Biosensor
• FivePrime
• Lonza
• Adamas
• Kadmus
• Renovis
• Vanda
• Kalypsys
• Addex
• Codexis
• U3pharma
Why Start a Biotech Business
Biotech companies have a record number of IPOs globally. The stocks are highly priced and outperform other industries. Major pharmaceutical companies are ready to invest in independent startups and new technology.
Reasons to Invest in Bio Technology
• Record number of IPOs globally
• Highly priced stocks
• Stocks outperform other industries
• Major pharmaceutical companies invest in independent startups
• Development of new technology
The challenges attributed to the industry are inadequate funding, attracting top scientists and equipment. The business is highly competitive and challenging.
Success comes with investment policies, innovation and intellectual property rights. It is important to network with industrial professionals, people with appetite for risk and experienced scientists.
• Inadequate funding
• Requires experienced scientists
• Appetite for risk
• Real hazards
• Requires serious financial
• Intellectual property rights
There are many ways to secure funds for the company. The investor can leverage on financial planners, investment bankers or venture capitalists.
Other ways are through angel investors, sale of startup shares, partnership.
The company needs huge funding and might consider market capitalization. More funding sources are corporate investors, private angel capitalists
• Investment bankers
• Venture capitalists
• Angel investors
• Sale of startup shares
• Partnership
• Market capitalization
• Private angel capitalists

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