Pet Boutique: How to Start a Pet Boutique Business


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Business Outlook
According to pet product manufacturing association there are estimated 80 million cats and 75 million dogs.  The pet business is estimated at $55 billion dollars with pet boutiques gaining a share of the industry.
Things to consider before opening a pet boutique are employee salaries, insurance and rent. Others are funding the business, type of products and services to offer customers. The business is practicable on/offline depending on your business template.

Business Considerations

Considerations include legal fees, registering the business name, insurance and tax. You need quality products and services.
Others are accounting knowledge, interpersonal skill, operational license or permit. Register the business as a limited liability company or sole proprietor.
•         Legal fees
•         Registering the business name
•         Incorporate
•         Insurance
•         Tax
•         Quality products and services
•         Accounting knowledge
•         Interpersonal skill
•         Operational license or permit
Gain Experience
Gain workplace experience or get formal training. Work as an apprentice and Prior employment in related industry is an advantage. A good grasp of retail sales and marketing are important aspects of the business.
•         Formal training
•         Work as an apprentice
•         Prior employment in related industry
•         Retail sales knowledge
•         Marketing skill
The business is highly competitive with many players. Pet boutique products and services attract premium prices.
To compete favorable your prices should be comparable with those in your locality. Try to study your competitions prices, products and services.
Your target customer base are middle to upper class clients. Advertise the business at high end shops, upscale cloth boutiques, high end venues. Use flyers, posters, billboard, banners, sign board.
Use word of mouth, referrals, email marketing, reciprocal advertising. Other good locations to advertise the business are pet grooming centers, doggie day care, and veterinarian clinics. Add the business to yellow pages, online directories.
•         Use flyers
•         Posters
•         Billboard
•         Banners
•         Sign board
•         Use word of mouth
•         Referrals
•         Email marketing
•         Reciprocal advertising
•         Choose a unique business name
•         Add blog posts to the site
•         Add contact address
•         Use social media platforms
•         Online advertisement
•         Advertise in local newspaper
•         Organize community activities
•         Offer discounts
•         Use promotions
•         Coupons
•         Newsletters
Build a Website
Build a website to highlight the business. Choose a unique business name, domain name and good host plan. Add blog posts to the site, contact address, telephone number and products.
Add online shopping including a PayPal payment system or debit card processor. Use social media platforms and online advertisement to drive traffic to the website.
Place advertisement in local newspaper, pet magazines. Organize community activities, offer discounts to regular customers. Use promotions, coupons, newsletters.
The list of pet boutique products is huge. Common products are pet toys, supplies, treats, travel carriers. Others are collars, leashes, pet identification tags, bedding. More are pet clothing, gift baskets, bows, bandanas, hats.
•         Pet toys
•         Supplies
•         Treats
•         Travel carriers
•         Collars
•         Leashes
•         Pet identification tags
•         Bedding
•         Pet clothing
•         Gift baskets
•         Bows
•         Bandanas
•         Hats
The choice of location should be close to customer base. Target customers are middle to upper class individuals.

Good locations are highbrow areas, upscale areas and commercial areas. You need a web store to run a home based business. However a retail store offers better opportunities.

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