Best Business Ideas in 2019


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Best Business Ideas in 2019 – How to start a business 2019. The business landscape is fast evolving because of lifestyle changes and technology. They provide good earning potential for investors. It takes passion, dedication and hard work to succeed.

The businesses are practicable from home or an office environment. They require moderate to low startup funding and practical knowledge of the industry.
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1.Senior Care Provider

Everyone grows old eventually and need assistance and care. They are willing to pay top dollar for people to run errands and assist in daily chores. To maintain independence senior citizens are willing to seek assistance from friendly caregivers on a daily bases.
2. Translator
The world is fast becoming a global village with improvement in transportation and ethic integration. The need of a multilingual translator to assist foreign language people is on the rise. The job scope is huge and market include tourists, medical personnel, hospitality industry and academia.
3. Cleaning Service
The need for professional cleaning service is on the increase. There are many sectors from home cleaning, commercial buildings to private establishment.
The business requires low startup and is practicable from home or a dedicated office. The equipment is basic, easy to source, however labor requirements is high.
4. Runway Coach
The increase in professional modeling gigs and beauty pageants have boosted this industry. Participants or models need proper training and grooming. The job description includes fitness training, runway walking.
5. Vending Machines
There are different types of vending machines in the market. Surprisingly the business has not taken off in many African countries. Vending machines are automated money making machines with low maintenance.
A popular choice in developed countries is the health food vending machine. Health and fitness is all the rave. The operate needs to select healthy foods, snacks or drinks to serve in the machine. The vending business also offers franchise opportunities.
6. Mobile Solutions
The business involves offering customers affordable and innovative mobile solutions. Mobile consultancy is fast growing and very lucrative in 2018.
7. Kid-friendly Apps
Kids are fast becoming technologically savvy and need more stimulation. Creating and offering kid-friendly apps is very lucrative. The app developer needs to produce apps in line with existing laws of the country.
8. Microbreweries
Many people love drinking beer as a leisure pastime. Locally brewed beer produce with different flavors are in rave. This is because of the huge choices, quality and uniqueness of the products. Your customer base are people with the age of 18 to 55.
9. Health Clubs
Living a healthy lifestyle is very important in 2018. The shift to healthy living, nutrition and exercise is increasing. Health clubs are making huge business selling the service. However health equipment’s are pricing and you need a good location.
10. Home Health Services
Home health service is aimed at the elderly and physically challenged individual. The practitioner should have some nursing and nutrition knowledge. The sector is wide open to different services based on the clients need.
11. Professional Organizer
The job of a professional organizer covers many industries. The investor could specialize in a particular field or offer broad based services.
12. Wheelchair Repair Services
An investor with basic technical skills can start a wheelchair repair service. With over 3 wheelchair bound individuals in the United States of America there is huge market.
Hospitals, health centers need wheelchairs for out and in patients. The investor can offer other services such as maintenance of medical devices.
13. Freelance Writer
Freelance writers have never had it so good. This is because of web based articles, advertisement and services. There are many freelance sites, blogs and websites that require content writers. The write accepts assignments and works at their own pace.

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