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How to start a bakery in Nigeria – How to setup and manage a bakery business in Nigeria, Bakery business is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria that you can not start with low capital.

Today i will explain to you how you can start a bakery business and make it big in Nigeria, we all know that bread is one of the most favorite and most demanded baked product in Nigeria, record have it that, In Lagos state alone, million loaves of bread are consumed everyday, Bread I can say, it is one of the food loved by the majority. So why don’t you take a bold step by starting a Bakery business today.

how to start a bakery in nigeria

How to start a bakery in Nigeria

A bakery business needs a proper packaging and setting up the right strategy, sincerely, starting a bakery business is not really difficult because the process involve are really straight forward, and if things are put to place in the right order and done according, believe me, bakery business is really fun filled.

Now let’s go into the process involve and strategy required to start a profitable bakery business in Nigeria – How to start a bakery in Nigeria:-

  • Acquire some skills and knowledge: This is the first thing you should think of before setting a bakery business in Nigeria. You need to acquire the required skills and knowledge to start a bakery business in Nigeria. Take it seriously, get all the information you need and understand them closely. You must also learn how to make all various kinds of bread, remember as an employee your staff will look forward to you.
  • Get Registered: This is very important in every business, get yourself registered with the appropriate agency. You need to be an official member of the national bakery association so you don’t get unwanted embarrassment, and also, you need to register with NAFDAC to avoid unwanted harassment as well, since you are manufacturing what people eat and it is very important to register NAFDAC this ensure that what you produce is standard and good for consumption by the majority.
  • Get a good Location: To make it big in a bakery business, you need a good location, A place that will attract a lots of customers, though for a bakery business to flourish, location is not a barrier if you have a good transportation system, it is also important to choose a well ventilated area, make sure your location is not open to food poisoning, you may be fined and even loose your licence.
  • Employ Qualified Workers: You can not do it all alone, you will also need qualified workers to push the business upward, It depends on how big you started but averagely you need 5-10 qualified worker. Make sure you go for Experienced workers to push you bakery business to the beam.
  • Advertisement: Every business needs to be advertised, those making it big today have taking advertising seriously. Make use of all available advertising medium.

I think we that you should understand what it takes to start a bakery business in Nigeria, I hope this article How to start a bakery business in Nigeria, i hope you find it interesting and valuable.

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